torsdag 14 juli 2011

Art or Arse? - distro update #8

A sweet update in the summer heat... as always - CONSUME!

YOUNG IDENTITIES - New trends 7"ep (540 Records 2011) 45:-
Reissue of the Young Identites second ep from 1980. Maybe even better than the first one? Recommended.
Still available: Young Identities - Positive Thinking 7"ep

JUST URBAIN - Everybody loves Just Urbain (540 Records 2011) 45:-
More Australia and the Savage/Shake label... Just Urbains' second 7"! Share some members with Young Identities and we like this one as well.
Still available: Just Urbain - Burning 7"ep.

And now so-called contemporary stuff...

TYRED EYES - Too late to make it right 7"ep (Kenrock 2011) 45:-
Great punkrock from GBG, even one nice Sergio Leone-sounding track. Listen - and then buy to support!

HARELIP - s/t 7"ep (Kenrock 2010) 45:-
Total Angry Samoans-worship by these Swedes - so good that it almost hurts!

Second batch of this killer compilation - the first one sold out in one day!
Pickled Herring Punk - "choice nugs of new Swedish racket" is a great compilation tape released by the even greater Ooga Tjacka Tapes.
Contains tracks by Sexpistolstanten och Mockfjärdsvapnet / Bäddat För Trubbel / Moralens Väktare / Ras / Impo & the Tents / Holy Hoofbeats / Sin Galore / Madamm / Harelip / Local Oafs / Skitig Slida / Poppets / The Ziphs / Wild Fangs / Makeouts / Moron Brothers.
Comes with a download code for all you digital freaks.

Most stuff in earlier posts available as well!

On its way: Count Vertigo 7" reissue, Deaf Mutations 7", Electric Eels 7" reissue, Shit Dogs, Skinnies...

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