måndag 18 april 2016

Update #38!

Time for a new update. Some new releases and some restocks of great stuff. Have a look - and consume!

MASCARA SNAKES - När jag super 7" (Kenrock) 50:-
2nd 7" by the old ladies in red. Might be the best Sweden has to offer.

PAGANS - Street where nobody lives 7" (Danger) 60:-
No need for words really. Top 10 punk 7".

MODERNS - Year of today 7"ep (Hosehead) 65:-
Reissue of this rare Swedish power popper.

LAURICE - G.A.Y.D.A.R. lp (Mighty Mouth) 140:-
Very very gay and very very entertaining. New recordings. Laurice for president!

LAURICE - Best of... vol.1, lp (Mighty Mouth) 140:-
Restock. even better than the great volume 1.

LAURICE - Best of... vol.2, lp (Mighty Mouth) 140:-
Restock. Great!

DAVE ARVEDON - Best of... vol.2 (Mighty Mouth) 140:-
Holy fuck! This is hard to describe. 70's rock? No idea, but this - and his volume 1 - might be the best reissues/archival releases of the past years. Incredible!

DAVE ARVEDON - Best of... vol.1 (Mighty Mouth) 140:-
See above!

V/A - Danger! La France A Peur!, lp (Danger) 140:-
Compilation with previously unleased French KDB-punk. Loads of goodies. Recommended!

DET ENDA ALTERNATIVET - s/t 7"ep (Kenrock) 50:-
2/4 of Bäddat För Trubbel + a bass player from Onslunda. Holy shit, what a great 7"ep!

SCHUND - s/t 7"ep (Bachelor) 55:-
Reissue of chaotic Austrian punk 7". Nice nice nice....

CHIEFS - Speed rock 7"ep (Bachelor) 55:-
Austrian budget rock from 1977. A//A? like this kind of music.

Stuff left from earlier updates as well, please ask!

söndag 31 januari 2016

Update #37!

New year, new update, unfortunately not a new camera... Have a look below and CONSUME!

DET ENDA ALTERNATIVET - s/t, 7"ep (Kenrock) 50:-
Oh yes! First 7" from this band with members from Bäddat För Trubbel. Superb!!!

ACCIDENTS - Kill the Bee Gees, 7" (Radiation) 50:-
New reissue of this KBD classic.

DAVID ARVEDON - The best of - volume 1, lp (Mighty Mouth) 140:-
Fantastic weirdo music - a real must have!

DAVID ARVEDON - The best of - volume 2, lp (Mighty Mouth) 140:-
Same as above, just as great! Might be thee reissue of 2015.

LAURICE - Best of Laurice volume 1, lp (Mighty Mouth) 140:-
Everyone should know about Laurice by now. Back in stock!

LAURICE - Best of Laurice volume 2, lp (Mighty Mouth) 140:-
Volume 1 was amazing and this one is even better!

SPIV - Oh, you beautiful child 7" (Mighty Mouth) 55:-
Laurice under different name. Art//Arse? love Laurice.

GASOLINE - Radio Flic / Killer man 7" (-) 55:-
Back in stock. Few copies.

AUTHORITIES - Soundtrack for trouble, 7"ep (Get Hip) 55:-
KBD classic that borders to hc. Buy!

CHEATER SLICKS - Our food is chaos, lp (Almost Ready) 140:-
Cheater Slicks. Punkrock. Great.

Nb: copies of PAGANS - What's this shit called love 7" and MODERNS - Year of today 7"ep on their way. Stay tuned!

tisdag 20 oktober 2015


Oh yes - two new additions and a restock that you don't wanna miss! Awesome stuff.

TÖTENKÖPF - Ann Arbor, lp (Cameleon Records) 140:-
Reissue of scarce Swedish/French proto-punk/experimental monster lp. Originally released in 1978. What it sounds like? Imagine Stooges playing Brainbombs inside a biscuit box - great stuff!

YURI GAGARIN - Sea of dust 7" (Ultraljud) 65:-
New release by YG. No neo-psych junk bullshit here, just pure great spacerock as you could expect from YG!

THE KUKSUGERS - s/t 7"ep (Kröka Records) 45:-
Trashy no-fi/shit-fi punkrock straight outta Malmö City. Members so secret they don't even know their names themself. Great great great!

lördag 12 september 2015

Update #36 is here!

LAURICE - Best of Laurice vol.2, lp (Mighty Mouth Music) 140:-
Yes, yes, yes! Finally the Laurice volume 2 is here and you know what!? It's ever better than volume 1!!!

TED DESTROYER - Live Gibus, lp (Cameleon Records) 140:-
French punkrock from -83 here reissued with a new cover. Great record, reminds A//A of early Dogs, and we all love the early Dogs, right? Recommended!

BROKEN TALENT - Rules no one, lp (Floridas Dead) 130:-
Holy fuck! Compilation of this US hardcore band from the mid-80's. Not your generic hc, more like The Eat playing hc or something. Since both Broken Talent and The Eat are from Florida it must be something in the air there. Really great stuff - don't miss out!

SODS - Television Sect 7" (Breakout) 65:-

The DRIVE - Jerkin' 7" (Breakout) 55:-
Cool first wave punk with slide guitar as well. A song about everyone's favourite waste of time.

TOXIN III - I rock, I run 7"ep (Jeth-Row) 60:-
Awesome gnarly KBD-punkrock from the south of USA in the same vein as Shit Dogs. Great reissue with the original layout with swastika sleeve.

The KUKSUGERS - s/t 7"ep (Kröka Records) 45:-
Trashy no-fi/shit-fi punkrock straight outta Malmö City. Great great great! Did we say great?

INSULTS - Population zero 7" (Last Laugh) 55:-
KBD classic. Restock.

INSULTS - Stiff love 7" (Last Laugh) 55:-
As above. Restock.

tisdag 26 maj 2015

Finally - BLAST reissue!

Death Vault Records strikes again after the great Jimmy Smack reissues. This time Mike gives the almighty 70's Belgian BLAST the treat. Superb "proto punk" recorded in 1972 that sounds like early Black Flag or something like ten years too early! DON'T MISS OUT!!! Already sold out at the label....

BLAST - Hope / Damned Flame, 7" (Death Vault) 80 SEK
(sorry about the high price, shipping is insane...)

fredag 24 april 2015


Loads of new great releases in stock! Bäddat För Trubbel, Mascara Snakes, 3x Belgian KBD-punk reissues, Unnatural Axe reissue, "new" Black Time lp. YES!!!

BÄDDAT FÖR TRUBBEL - Två sjundedelar av ett liv, lp (Kenrock) 120:-
New lp from BFT. Great as always!

MASCARA SNAKES - They fucked a corpse in Hallstahammar 7" (Ultraljud) 55:-
Yes! Finally a 7" from The Kärringar i Rött. A true must-have!

CHAINSAW - See-Saw 7" (No Good) 55:-
Reissue of classic Belgian KBD from -77.

MAD VIRGINS - I'm a computer 7" (No Good) 55:-
More classic Belgian KBD-punk!

X-PULSION / STREETS - split 7" (No Good) 55:-
Even more Belgian KBD!

UNNATURAL AXE - The saved Hitlers brain 7"ep (Radiation) 50:-
Finally a reissue of this bonafide US KBD classic. B-U-Y.

BLACK TIME - Aeral Gobs of Love, lp (Förbjudna Ljud) 120:-
The 4th lp from Black Time recorded some years ago and finally released. WOW!!!
"The ”heavy vampire sound” is back! Black Time lives on forever in the heavenly garage. Tangles of wires and old drum machines plugged into buzzing amplifiers, burning funeral pyre of 60s catalogue guitars. They’re living dead corpses going through rock & roll motions, faded out echos of Lemmy Caution’s foggy notions."


tisdag 24 mars 2015

YES!!! Update #35 is here!


Just in time before shipping out the orders from the last update, here's some even newer stuff!

X - Aspirations, lp (Ugly Pop) 150:-
Finally in print again, this time on the fantastic Ugly Pop label! Great great great Australian punkrock from the late 70's - beats everything!

X - X-spurts, lp (Ugly Pop) 150:-
The X demo session recorded just prior to the Aspirations lp. Essential stuff; "a beserk mix of "Pink Flag", early Black Flag and the toughest AC/DC, or Gang Of Four as played by belligerent Australian drunks".(?)

TEENGENERATE - Live at Shelter, lp (Ugly Pop) 150:-
Great live set from mid-90's previously only available on cd. All their classics recorded with inferior sound! How many coies do you need? A lot!

((( BLACK TIME - Aerial Gobs of love, lp (Förbjudna Ljud) 120:-, not to be officially released until May, but if you ask nice...)))

Finally time for an update. Freshies on top and old stock further down. Everything is pretty limited, of older titles there might just be one or two copies so act fast!


THE MAD - Mask 12" (Brain Transplant) 150:-
Beautiful picture disc with previously unreleased 1978 session. Great!!! Four different layouts...

ABSENTEES - Trying to mess with me 7" (UG Records) 55:-
Reissue of this KBD masterpiece. Remastered and remixed but still sounds like recorded in a bisquit box.

CHARLIE TWEDDLE - Fantastic Greatest Hits 2xlp (Mighty Mouth) 180:-
Psychedelic country? Cool outsider stuff, comes complete with 20 minutes of birds singing. Just as the title says: fantastic and great!

INSULTS - Stiff love 7" (Last Laugh) 55:-
Another winner reissue from Last Laugh. Insults 1st 7". I'm just a doper!

INSULTS - Population zero 7" (Last Laugh) 55:-
Restock of their 2nd release.

ED NASTY & THE DOPEDS - I'm gonna be everything 7" (Last Laugh) 55:-
Finally restock of this masterpiece!

PSYCHO SURGEONS - Crush on you / Falling apart 7" (Blank Records) 85:-
Holy fuck! Previous unreleased recordings from 1976. This is great! Sorry for high price, but buying records from Australia is no fun.

The following will also arrive anyday; BLACK TIME "Aerial Gobs of Love" 12", TEENGENERATE "Live at Shelter" lp, X "Aspirations" lp, X "X-spurts" lp, PIGZ "Bloody Belgium" 7"...

OLD STOCK (check earlier postings for sound links)

The 7" HELL - All 50 SEK each, except where noted.

MOPO MOGO - Pouvoir 7" (Chameleon)
LOCKJAW - Shock value 7"ep (Antitodo)
JIMMY SMACK - Death or glory 7" (Death Vault)
MESK - Jag är ett problem 7" (Kenrock) 40:-
PIZZOAR - s/t 7" (Kenrock) 40:-
PF COMMANDO - Nu ska vi ha kul 7" (Ugly Pop) 40:-
LOST KIDS - Cola Freaks 7" (Singsing)
TAV FALCO & THE PANTHER BURNS - She's the one to blame 7" (Mighty Mouth)
GRUDGE - When Christine comes around 7" (Mighty Mouth)
P.I.G.Z. - Bloody Belgium 7"ep (Ugly Pop)
FURY (pre-Testors) - Flying 7" (Hozac)
SPIV - Oh you beautiful child 7" (Mighty Mouth)
ELECTRIC EELS - Jaguar ride 7" (Hozac)
HITLER SS / TAMPAX - split 7" (-)
BOBBY SOXX - Learn to hate in the 80's (Cheap Rewards)
NEXT - Make it quick 7" (Cheap Rewards)
SECTION URBANE - The final program (540)
KICKS - The secret 7" (540)
REMO VOOR - Frogrammer 7" (Rich Bitch)
SUSPENSE - Murder with an axe 7" (LVEUMD)
ACID - Burning 7" (Buttercup) 60:-
SKUNKS - Can't get loose 7" (Last Laugh)
WIPERS - Nome noma 7" (Meanbean)
LOOSE HEART - Paris 1976 (Danger)
ONES - Short dress / Tightrope 7" (Rerun)
LUBRICANTS - Activated energy 7" (Rerun) 40:-
PEER PRESSURE - Sounds 2x7" (Rerun) 70:-
CURTIS SEALS / CHRISTIAN D'ORBIT - Scandalizer / Drive me crazy 7" (Windian)
HACKAMORE BRICK - Oh! Those sweet bananas 7" (Ugly Pop)
ROCK BOTTOM & THE SPYS - Rich girl 7"ep (-)
FIRE EXIT - Time wall 7" (Last Laugh)
VENOM P. STINGER - Walking around 7" (Drag City)
MENTALLY ILL - Gacys Place 7" (Last Laugh)
PF COMMANDO - Svenne Pop 7" (Kenrock) 40:-
LOOSE PRICK - Mua potkitaan päähän 7" (Svart)
VOM - Live at Surf City 7" (Rerun)
BLITZ - All out attack 7" (Ugly Pop)
TESTORS - Two sides of death 7" (Windian)
CARTOONS - She's a rock'n'roller 7" (Last Laugh)
POINTED STICKS - What do you want me to do 7" (Ugly Pop)
KNOTS - Heartbreaker / Action 7" (Last Laugh)
LUCRATE MILK - s/t (Danger) 40:-
PSYCHO SURGEONS - Horizontal action 7" (Crypt) 70:-
FEATURES - Floozie of the neighborhood 7" (Last Laugh)
EMBARRASSMENT - Patio set 7" (Last Laugh)
MIKE REP & THE QUOTAS - Rocket to nowhere 7" (Mighty Mouth)
SHIT DOGS - The history of cheese 2x7" (Last Laugh) 70:-
NORMALS - Almost ready 7" (Last Laugh)
NUBS - I don't need you 7" (Last Laugh)
VILLAGE PISTOLS - Big Money (Last Laugh)
REACTORS - It's not important 7" (Rerun)
DREAM DATES - Surfer Joe (Ugly Pop) 40:-
ARSON - Coho coho 7" (Ugly Pop) 40:-
SPYS - Underground (Ugly Pop) 40:-
ROCK'N'ROLL BITCHES - Wild west 7" (Ugly Pop) 40:-
SENSUURI - Kaupunki Nukku 7" (Svart)
CIRCLE X - Heartbreaker 7" (Poutre Apparente)
DICKS - Hate the police 7" (1-2-3-4 Go!)
REALLY RED - Crowd Control 7" (-)
POLI STYRENE JASS BAND - Drano in your veins 7" (-)
BRULBÅJZ - Dödens apostlar 7" (Kenrock) 40:-
LEGIONAIRE'S DISEASE BAND - Rather see you dead 7" (Cheap Rewards)
SCREAMING URGE - Homework 7" (Singsing)
AMBULANCE - It's all up to you 7" (Singsing)
NASAL BOYS - Hot love 7" (Singsing)
TBC - Musik i plast 7" (Kenrock) 40:-
HUGH BEAUMONT EXPERIENCE - s/t 7" (Cheap Rewards) 40:-
MARTIN & THE BROWNSHIRTS - Taxi driver 7" (Breakout)
CRASH KILLS FIVE - What do you do at night 7" (Ugly Pop) 40:-
BASTARDS (Kids) - Funky Bastards (Do you love the nazis?) 7" (Singsing)
FINGERS - Isolation 7" (Last Laugh)
NUBS - Job 7" (Last Laugh)
YOUNG IDENTITIES - New trends 7" (540)
VACUUM - Walking slow 7" (Siltbreeze)

IN-SECT - I can see my love 7" (Ugly Pop)
BENT WIND - Sacred cows 7" (Ugly Pop)
MASTERS APPRENTICES - Wars, or hands of time 7" (Ugly Pop)
NORTHWEST COMPANY - Hard to cry 7" (Ugly Pop)
BEES - Voices green and purple 7" (Ugly Things)
PSYCHOPATHS - Til the stroke of dawn 7" (Mighty Mouth)

RÄJÄYTTÄJÄT - Tulee Taas 7" (White denim)
SISTA BUSSEN - Jag ska ingenstans 7" (Kärring Jonsson) 40:-
SISTA BUSSEN - Andra världskriget två 7" (Kärring Jonsson) 40:-
SVART STÄDHJÄLP - Gatuvapen 7" (Halvfigur mfl) 30:-

LP's (you know, those big records):

PF COMMANDO - Manipulerade mongon lp (Ugly Pop) 140:-
THORS HAMMER - If you knew (Ugly Pop) 120:-
AFFLICTED MAN - I'm off me 'ead (Permanent) 120:-
LAURICE - Best of Laurice vol.1 (Mighty Mouth) 120:-
VENOM P STINGER - Meet my friend Venom (Dragcity) 120:-
VENOM P STINGER - Whats yours is mine (Dragcity) 120:-
ULSERS - Forget them (Wallaby Beat) 120:-
LIVEFASTDIE - Hit stains (Almost Ready 120:-
HOLLYWOOD AUTOPSY - s/t (Little Big Chief) 120:-
NOBUNNY - Love visions (Almost Ready) 120:-
URBAN SAVAGE - Let thunder roar (Savage) 100:-
SLEAFORD MODS - Divide and exit (Harbinger) 120:-
SVART STÄDHJÄLP - s/t (Punks Only) 80:-
BÄDDAT FÖR TRUBBEL - Live på Nobes (Batshit) 150:-
BREMEN - s/t 2xlp (Skrammel) 140:-


Got a couple of volumes of the great MESSTHETICS serie. Check 'em out here!
MESSTHETICS #101, 50:-
MESSTHETICS # 103, 50:-
MESSTHETICS # 106, 50:-
MESSTHETICS - Greatest Hits, 70:-
MESSTHETICS - Greatest Hiss (#110), 70:-