tisdag 11 oktober 2011

Art or Arse? - distro update #10

Finally a new update. Not too much this time, but lots of parcels are on their way so expect update #11 in a not too distant future. Have decided to try to drop superlatives in the descriptions since I got bored of it. Everything we carry is stuff that we really like and is... great, best and highly recommended! As always - CONSUME!

SHITTY LIMITS - Last order /Selling point 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus 2010) 45:-
Contemporary British band that sounds very British in the ATV and Fall way. Part of the same scene as Black Mamba Beat, Love Triangle and Hygiene. Might be one of their best releases up to date, too bad that the will do their last show on the 22nd of October... Don't miss this one or any of their other releases in this list!

RAS - Ett folk, ett ras / Vill ha mer 7" (Push my buttons 2010) 45:-
Finally back in stock! Debut 7" from this band from Stockholm. KBD-sounding punkrock that reminds me of a rawer early KSMB.

LA POLLA RECORDS - Y Ahora Que? 7"ep (Munster 2010?) 55:-
Finally a legitimate reissue of this melodic Spanish KDB-classic originally released in 1983. Dare I say essential?

HITLER SS / TAMPAX split-7"ep (-) 50:-
A good quality so-called fanclub release of this crude 7" recorded in Italy 1979. Great bands and great names. Hitler SS could be heard on Break The Rules #8 with "Slave". Here is the whole 7" reissued in its entirety with both bands and all its hits.

REACTORS - It's not important / Cold eyes 7" (Rerun Records 2011) 50:-
This is Reactors from Austin, Texas and not to be confused with the Reactors from New York (see elsewhere in this list). This 7" was originally recorded and released in 1980 and delivers dark and melancholic punkrock!

Everything else on this blog is hopefully also in stock.

Reservations can also be made for the following;
Critical Mass 7" + Embarressment 7" from Last Laugh Records
Flying Trichecos 12" + Cola Freals live 12" + Useless Eaters 7" from Mastermind Records

Later this fall we will also hopefully have Hot Nasties 7", Arson 7", Spys 7", Missbrukarna lp, Ras lp... Stay tuned!

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