tisdag 30 oktober 2012

Goodbye Boozy Records!

Art//Arse? has started to try to stock more new releases from different labels. This works pretty fine so we´ll keep it coming, first up was Total Punk Records and those 7-inches sold out before they reached the newsletter... Up now is the Italian Goodbye Boozy label. Enjoy!

Goodbye Boozy Records – crude and minimal records!

HELLSHOVEL – Auto-pilot 7”  (Goodbye Boozy) 45:-        Demon's Claws related!

STRAIGHT ARROWS – All the time 7” (Goodbye Boozy) 45:-

MOVIE STAR JUNKIES – Baltimore 7” (Goodbye Boozy) 45:-

NERVOUS TICKS – Badlands 7” (Goodbye Boozy) 45:-
Please note: all releases have been done with 3 or 4 different sleeves so it's not sure that you get exactly the one on the picture...

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