söndag 16 december 2012

Update #22

Finally a new update! Quite a mixed bag. More to come in the coming month so make sure to check back. Now go and CONSUME!!!

LEVANDE BEGRAVD Fanzine issue #3, 20:-
Finally a new issue of this great 'zine; interviews with Mourningwood Recordings and Nitad, reviews, poems and loads of other jibberish. Buy! (ps. it's in Swedish...)

Got some stuff from the Finnish Svart label; cool reissues of classic Finnish KBD! The Finnish first wave of punkrock was way more poppy than in the 80’s (hey, even Rattus and Terveet Kädet were poppy at this time!). All these – except the much more hc Nolla Nolla Nolla 7” – were originally released in 78/79. Great stuff!
LOOSE PRICK – Mua potkitaan päähän 7” (Svart) 50:-
LOOSE PRICK – Kaupunki Elämää 7”ep (Svart) 50:-
PROBLEMS? – Ei tää lama päähän käy 7” (Svart) 50:-
(Sorry, could find a decent sound clip for this one...)
SENSUURI – Kirjotan seinään 7” (Svart) 50:-
SENSUURI – Kaupunki nukkuu 7” (Svart) 50:-  
NOLLA NOLLA NOLLA – Oodeja simasville 7”ep (Svart) 50:-
WIDOWS – Wall of Berlin 7” (Svart) 50:-
Other stuff!:
BLACK BUG - Reflecting the light, lp (XVIII Records) 110:-
Swedish band, relocated to France. Great trashy synthpunk!

RAS: s/t (yellow) (Skrammel Records) 100:-
RAS: s/t (blue) (Push My Buttons) 100:-
One of Swedens best bands release two albums at the same time on two different labels - and what a racket it is! Punkrock supreme. If you need something to compare to, a mix between early KSMB and the Spits would be a start. Two of the best albums released in Sweden in 2012!
INCREDDIBLE KIDDA BAND - Bitch 7" (Last Laugh) 55:-
Latest release from the Last Laugh label and this time it's some demos from the Kidda Band. Fuck, this might be the bands best material! Great amphetamine fueled pubrockpunk just the way it was meant to be.
JOE HEBERT BAND - I don't wanna be a preppy 7" (Last Laugh) 55:-
Restock of this - until Last Laugh reissued it - before unheard gem. At least for A//A?...
IN-SECT: I can see my love 7" (Ugly Pop) 50:-
New nice 60's reissue from the Ugly Pop label. Great garage/psych/whatever.

THE MASTERS APPRENTICES - Undecided 7" (Ugly Pop) 50:-
More of the great 60's stuff. Don't miss out all you crusties!

URINALS - Another ep, 7" (-) 50:-
A so-called fanclub reissue of the Urinals 2nd 7". A classic. I'm a bug, ackackack!

STYRENES (Poli Styrene Jass Band) - Drano in your veins, 7" (-) 50:-
Fanclub release of this Ohio 1975 "Ground Zero pre-punk" record.
GOD'S WILL - This is God's Will, 7"ep (Signaler Från Ovan) 45:-
Classic USHC from '83. Unreleased tracks from the same recording session as their now classic 7" "Hey Youre On My Property Now Son!".
OUTER MINDS - Always in my head 7" (Goodbye Boozy) 45:-
Quite poppy garagerock/punk/whatever. Just released an awesome lp on FDH Records!
Lots of restocks as well; MENTALLY ILL - Gacys place 7" / NEWS - Dirty lies 7" / FINGERS - Isolation 7" / PSYCHOPATHS - Till the stroke of dawn 7" / NORTHWEST COMPANY - Hard to cry 7" / BENT WIND - Sacred cows 7"
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