lördag 1 juni 2013

Update #26

Hello and welcome to the latest ART//ARSE? newsletter. Mostly reissues as usual but also great stuff from bands that can de considered to be alive(?). Consume!

RAS - s/t, 7"ep (Art//Arse?, Dempe Records, Smuts Rekårds, Melle Productions) 40:-
Brand new Ras 7"ep released by yours truly among others. Great recordings that pre-dates their two lp's. Support your local record label!

 BÄDDAT FÖR TRUBBEL - Dina vänner har rätt 7"ep (Skrammel) 45:-
New record, new hits.

 SLÖA KNIVAR - Ps. Du suger, lp (Punks Only) 80:-
New Slöa Knivar lp on your favourite label. Art//Arse? like this one.


 URINALS - s/t, 7"ep (Superior Viaduct) 55:-
URINALS - Another ep, 7"ep (Superior Viaduct) 55:-
URINALS - Sex, 7" (Superior Viaduct) 55:-
Superior official reissues of all the Urinals output. Mandatory.

MAX & THE BROWNSHIRTS - Taxi driver / Boring, 7" (Breakout) 50:-
Classc UK KBD slab.

KIDS - No monarchy, 7"ep (Danger) 55:-
Reissue of classic Kids 7". No monarchy!

PEER PRESSURE - Sounds (a.k.a. Music), 2x7" (Rerun) 90:-
Holy shit! A reissue of this great weirdo punk(?) 7"! Never though that would happen - all hail to Jason and Rerun Records! Can't be described. Listen. Here the original 7" is reissued together with the bands second 7" also recorded in 1979/80 but not released until 1999 and now long gone. Yeah, it's expensive but worth every Swedish öre...

LEGIONAIRES DISEASE BAND - Rather see you dead (than with wool on your head) 7" (Cheap Rewards) 55:-
Raw Texas punkrock from 1979. Like all Texas punkrock you know you need it.

HUGH BEAUMONT EXPERIENCE - Cone Johnson ep, 7"ep (Cheap Rewards) 55:-
More essential Texas stuff. What did they breath down there?

HACKAMORE BRICK - Oh! Those sweet bananas 7" (Ugly Pop) 50:-
Lo-fi  scronk pop from 1970. Reminds Art//Arse? of V.U... nice piece of plastic!

BLITZ - All out attack 7" (Ugly Pop) 50:-
Reissue of this British UK82 classic. Someones gonna die?

BREMEN - s/t, 2xlp (Skrammel) 100:-
Great noise/ambient/psych/weirdo/whatever from two Brainbombs members.

RAS - s/t, lp (Push My Buttons) 90:-
RAS - s/t, lp (Skrammel) 90:-
Two different records released o two different labeös at the same time. Great punkrock that reminds of classic Swedish KBD-stuff. Recommended!

Almost everything in earlier postings is in stock as well - drop a line and ask for complete list, ok?

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