fredag 24 april 2015


Loads of new great releases in stock! Bäddat För Trubbel, Mascara Snakes, 3x Belgian KBD-punk reissues, Unnatural Axe reissue, "new" Black Time lp. YES!!!

BÄDDAT FÖR TRUBBEL - Två sjundedelar av ett liv, lp (Kenrock) 120:-
New lp from BFT. Great as always!

MASCARA SNAKES - They fucked a corpse in Hallstahammar 7" (Ultraljud) 55:-
Yes! Finally a 7" from The Kärringar i Rött. A true must-have!

CHAINSAW - See-Saw 7" (No Good) 55:-
Reissue of classic Belgian KBD from -77.

MAD VIRGINS - I'm a computer 7" (No Good) 55:-
More classic Belgian KBD-punk!

X-PULSION / STREETS - split 7" (No Good) 55:-
Even more Belgian KBD!

UNNATURAL AXE - The saved Hitlers brain 7"ep (Radiation) 50:-
Finally a reissue of this bonafide US KBD classic. B-U-Y.

BLACK TIME - Aeral Gobs of Love, lp (Förbjudna Ljud) 120:-
The 4th lp from Black Time recorded some years ago and finally released. WOW!!!
"The ”heavy vampire sound” is back! Black Time lives on forever in the heavenly garage. Tangles of wires and old drum machines plugged into buzzing amplifiers, burning funeral pyre of 60s catalogue guitars. They’re living dead corpses going through rock & roll motions, faded out echos of Lemmy Caution’s foggy notions."