lördag 12 september 2015

Update #36 is here!

LAURICE - Best of Laurice vol.2, lp (Mighty Mouth Music) 140:-
Yes, yes, yes! Finally the Laurice volume 2 is here and you know what!? It's ever better than volume 1!!!

TED DESTROYER - Live Gibus, lp (Cameleon Records) 140:-
French punkrock from -83 here reissued with a new cover. Great record, reminds A//A of early Dogs, and we all love the early Dogs, right? Recommended!

BROKEN TALENT - Rules no one, lp (Floridas Dead) 130:-
Holy fuck! Compilation of this US hardcore band from the mid-80's. Not your generic hc, more like The Eat playing hc or something. Since both Broken Talent and The Eat are from Florida it must be something in the air there. Really great stuff - don't miss out!

SODS - Television Sect 7" (Breakout) 65:-

The DRIVE - Jerkin' 7" (Breakout) 55:-
Cool first wave punk with slide guitar as well. A song about everyone's favourite waste of time.

TOXIN III - I rock, I run 7"ep (Jeth-Row) 60:-
Awesome gnarly KBD-punkrock from the south of USA in the same vein as Shit Dogs. Great reissue with the original layout with swastika sleeve.

The KUKSUGERS - s/t 7"ep (Kröka Records) 45:-
Trashy no-fi/shit-fi punkrock straight outta Malmö City. Great great great! Did we say great?

INSULTS - Population zero 7" (Last Laugh) 55:-
KBD classic. Restock.

INSULTS - Stiff love 7" (Last Laugh) 55:-
As above. Restock.