måndag 18 april 2016

Update #38!

Time for a new update. Some new releases and some restocks of great stuff. Have a look - and consume!

MASCARA SNAKES - När jag super 7" (Kenrock) 50:-
2nd 7" by the old ladies in red. Might be the best Sweden has to offer.

PAGANS - Street where nobody lives 7" (Danger) 60:-
No need for words really. Top 10 punk 7".

MODERNS - Year of today 7"ep (Hosehead) 65:-
Reissue of this rare Swedish power popper.

LAURICE - G.A.Y.D.A.R. lp (Mighty Mouth) 140:-
Very very gay and very very entertaining. New recordings. Laurice for president!

LAURICE - Best of... vol.1, lp (Mighty Mouth) 140:-
Restock. even better than the great volume 1.

LAURICE - Best of... vol.2, lp (Mighty Mouth) 140:-
Restock. Great!

DAVE ARVEDON - Best of... vol.2 (Mighty Mouth) 140:-
Holy fuck! This is hard to describe. 70's rock? No idea, but this - and his volume 1 - might be the best reissues/archival releases of the past years. Incredible!

DAVE ARVEDON - Best of... vol.1 (Mighty Mouth) 140:-
See above!

V/A - Danger! La France A Peur!, lp (Danger) 140:-
Compilation with previously unleased French KDB-punk. Loads of goodies. Recommended!

DET ENDA ALTERNATIVET - s/t 7"ep (Kenrock) 50:-
2/4 of Bäddat För Trubbel + a bass player from Onslunda. Holy shit, what a great 7"ep!

SCHUND - s/t 7"ep (Bachelor) 55:-
Reissue of chaotic Austrian punk 7". Nice nice nice....

CHIEFS - Speed rock 7"ep (Bachelor) 55:-
Austrian budget rock from 1977. A//A? like this kind of music.

Stuff left from earlier updates as well, please ask!

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John Jones sa...

This is David Arvedon at Goultar1@comcast.net, and I have been recording an album per year for the past fifty years. I would like to send you the latest, so please drop me a line.