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Art or Arse? - distro update #5

Here's the latest Art//Arse? Distro update - this time with the full list. Lots and lots of goodies. Everything is in stock and ready to be bought. Don't hesitate - CONSUME !!!!

BÄDDAT FÖR TRUBBEL - ISO 9004 7"ep (Kenrock 2011) 45:-
New record, new hits! Will be sold out before the needle has hit the end of the vinyl.

WET BAGS - Down by the docks 7"ep (Kenrock 2011) 40:-
Really great debut 7" from this band from Uddevalla of all places. Highly recommended. Take a listen and then - BUY!

TYVEK - Time Change / Inner City Walks 7" (Les Disques Steak 2011) 50:-
Is it punkrock? Hardcore? Art or Arse? Another great and chaotic release.

PINK REASON - Desperate Livin' 7"ep (Almost Ready 2011) 45:-
Pink Reason is known for delievering poppy art scronk, but this is their hardcore-ep for sure.
If you like Bad Brains and Poison Idea... GREAT!

DESKONOCIDOS - Donde Lloran Los Valientes 7"ep (540 Records 2010?) 45:-
Awesome Wipers-like punkrock in Spanish from Austin, TX

MARKED MEN - On / The Other Side 7" (540 Records 2010) 45:-
The Marked Men are the Marked Men and The Marked Men are great.

DEMON'S CLAWS - Laserbeams / Trip to the clinic 7" (Savage Records 2010) 45:-
It's a pity that both tracks are on their latest lp, but it's a great introduction to the almighty Demon's Claws. Photocopied, fold-over sleeves, original.

FORBIDDEN TIGERS - Colonial Freakout 7"ep (Savage Records 2008)
Totally blown-out garage rock. Throw your Sonics records out the window and buy this one instead. Lives up to its title - wild chaotic freakout!

HAUNTED GEORGE - The Buzzards Ate His Fleash 7" (Savage Records 2008) 40:-
Eerie garagerock from George. Like a freakout Cramps? I like...

ARON - Testament From The Human Plantation lp (Orpheus 2010) 120:-
Fantastic Danish psych/acid folk monster! Highly recommended if you like Roky Erickson / Saucerful Of Secrets-era Pink Floyd mixed with a little madness and horror... or something? His 4th album. A must have!
Read more about Aron in here!

ARON - Djaevlens Horn lp (Orpheus 2008) 120:-
More of the above. 3rd album, this time with lyrics in Danish. Highly recommended!

BÄDDAT FÖR TRUBBEL - Det här är inte New York lp (Punks Only 2010) 100:-
Top notch Skåne punkrock! A mixture of every great punk band from south Sweden; Kriminella Gitarrer, Problem, Noise... Can't get much better.
Second press on brown vinyl if anyone cares?

APA STATE MENTAL - The Reunited Heavy Metal States Of Apa State Mental lp (Almighty Kong 2009) 85:-
Great garagepunkfuzzjunglebeat from Malmö. Recommended!

DAILY VOID - Civilization Dust 7" (Kenrock 2010) 40:-
Great art damaged apocalyptic punkrock from Chicago. Latest 7" by post-Functional Blackouts.

COLA FREAKS - s/t lp (Hjernespind 2010/2011) 110:-
Fuck Tuborg, wienerbröd and Jacob Zetterholm - this is the best from Denmark! Punkrock supreme finally available on vinyl. A mixture of everything great released since... ever? BUY!

COLA FREAKS - s/t 7"ep (Hjernespind 2007) 45:-
Great debut record...

COLA FREAKS - Ingenting set 7" (Hjernespind 2008) 45:-
"Pink Flag"-era Wire has moved to Denmark? Superb.

Art or Arse? is proud to present a bunch of legit American Made Punk Reissues from Last Laugh Records in New York. Harry at Last Laugh has made it his cultural deed to reissue rare and oh-so-great lost gems from the golden era of US-punkrock. All releases are beautiful done just like the originals with the right covers and labels if there ever was any. Buy or die!
For some sounds, go here!

FREESTONE - Church / Bummer bitch 7" (Last Laugh Records 2010) 55:-
Originally released in 1978. Bummer Bitch is essential...

INJECTIONS - Prison walls 7" (Last Laugh Records 2010) 55:-
Originally released in 1980. Great and rare 7". Sought after by both punk- and diy-completists.

FINGERS - Isolation 7" (Last Laugh Records 2010) 55:-
This great little plastic was originally released in 1977/78 and - if anyone cares? - has been sold once on eBay for $3678!!??

REACTORS - I want sex 7" (Last Laugh Records 2010) 55:-
Originally released in 1979 in a number of 100(?) copies. Classic fast and noisy US-punkrock!

ED NASTY - I'm gonna be everything 7" (Last Laugh Records 2011) 55:-
So raw, so great...

Other reissues... 540 Records bring you these great reissues of some Australian monster rarities. All originally released on the Savage/Shake label in 1979/80 - absolutely killer stuff!!!
Follow the links for more info.

BODYSNATCHERS - Frantic 7" (540 Records 2010) 45:-

JUST URBAIN - Burning 7"ep (540 Records 2010) 45:-

YOUNG IDENTITIES - Positive thinking (negative reaction) 7"ep (540 Records 2010) 45:-

KRIG I HUDIK - s/t 7"ep (Feral Ward 2009) 45:-
Hardcore so good that it hurts! Poffen from Totalitär and Rolf Revålt from Missbrukarna among others launch old hits from the early Eighties / late Seventies. Best!!!

"What we got here is a bunch of still active veterans with an impressive list of merits that includes Totalitär, Missbrukarna, Swinehood, and Brainbombs at least. Such a list doesn't always matter, but when it comes to this band it actually does, as Krig I Hudik presents a 7" including eight covers and two originals. All the covered bands originate from Hudiksvall and the tracks are dating back to the late 70's or early 80's, with the exception of the late Missbrukarna cover from 1988 (which never was released in its original form). Personally I hadn't heard any of the originals prior to this as I can recall, but if they're even half as ripping as they are on here I need to track them all down immediately. Good old loud Swedish råpunk greatness with a killer raw production.
All tracks are great, but what really excites me is that the two new tracks are absolutely scorching and reminds me a somewhat of early Totalitär, but of course it's hard not to compare a ripping hardcore band that has Poffen on vocals with Totalitär. Either way, cover versions or not, this is a killer 7" release!
The bands covered, apart from already mentioned Missbrukarna, are The Turfs, Faktor 4, Knark i Hassela, and Massgrav (the old one obviously). [Krogh - September 30, 2009]"

KRIG I HUDIK - Krig I Hudik 2 7"ep (Skrammel 2010) 45:-
More of the same!!! Recommended.

SIR HENRY FIAT'S BASTARD - Your mom is a fucking mongo 7"ep (US-version on Pandacide Records) 35:-
Henry Fiat's Open Sore-singer goes solo with guys from the dirty South. Great stuff similiar to HFOS, but maybe better?

SIR HENRY FIAT'S BASTARD - s/t 7"ep (Kenrock) 60:-
Same as "Your Mom is..." 7", but this is the European version in an ultra deluxe fold-out sleeve! Wonderful.

BRUN DILL - Små kukars revansch i samhället 7"ep (Kenrock) 35:-
Pretty much the same line-up - and sound - as on the Sir Henry Fiat's Bastard 7", but this time in Swedish.

THE HARD LIQUOR MEN - A drop of the hard stuff 10" (Malmö City Records) 50:-
Jonas and Nicko from Sir Henry Fiat's Bastard / Brun Dill team up with an awesome drummer and deliever some Malmö City punkrock?

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