tisdag 26 april 2011

Art or Arse? - distro update #6

Time for a new update. Lots of goodies, limited quantities as usual...

Let's start with records with birds on the cover. Birdcovers - a new genre? Anyway, two really good albums...

Bird (and a goat) #1
FLOWERS MUST DIE - s/t 12" (Rev/Vega 2010) 110:-
Malmös own Hawkwind? Great spaced-out psych! If you dig stuff like early Hawkwind, this is the record for you! Art//Arse? like it!!!

Bird #2

BLACK MAMBA BEAT - s/t lp (Jeetkune 2010) 100:-
New South-african/British band, part of the British so-called Shabeen Scene, and consists of one ex(?)-Black Time member. Sounds like a cross between Black Time, Minutemen and maybe Cramps British punkrockstyle? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

No more birds, some more British Shabeen instead;

HYGIENE - Public sector lp (La Vida Es Un Mus 2011) 100:-
After a couple of nice 7-inches here's Hygienes debut album. Better than ever? Really British sounding punk/post-punk for everyone who like Bingomaster-era The Fall. B-U-Y.

SHITTY LIMITS - Beware the limits lp (La Vida Es Un Mus 2009) 100:-
Shitty Limits debut long-player. If you've heard their 7-inches you know the deal. For people who like music.

Some other stuff. Since its in the list, we at Art//Arse like it. Buy or die.

HOME BLITZ - Perpetual night 7" (Almost Ready) 45:-
Latest offering from Home Blitz, sounds like if Modern Lovers had continued to be as great as on their 1976 album. Might be Home Blitz strongest release ever?

SKULL DEFEKTS - Gospel of the skull 7" (Psychic Malmö 2011) 50:-
Great release from Psychic Malmö. Traditional Skull Defekts sound, but the vocals from Daniel Higgs (ex-Lungfish) makes it sound a bit like Cortex and we all like Cortex, right?

APACHE - Bloody knuckles 7" (Savage) 45:-
Holy shit! Art//Arse? was expecting some glam/punk/junk, but instead this is great punkrock with a slice of NWOBHM-sound. This update's surprise!

ZEROS - Main street brat 7" (Last Laugh 2010) 55:-
Restock of this record with two tracks recorded in the late 70's. Deserves to be up there with their mandatory Don't push me around and Wild Weekend 7-inches.

NORMALS - Almost ready 7" (Last Laugh 2010) 55:-
Yet another great reissue from Last Laugh Records. This label just gets better and better - where will it end??? Superb mix of early punkrock and powerpop!

Still in stock (see update #5):

Pink Reason - desperate living 7"
Marked Men - on the other side 7"
Bodysnatchers - frantic 7"
Young Identities - positive thinking 7"
Just Urbain - burning 7"
Krig i Hudik - s/t 7"
Krig i Hudik - 2 7"
Daily Void - civilization dust 7"
Fingers - isolation 7"
Freestone - bummer bitch 7"
Ed Nasty & the Dopeds - i'm gonna be everything 7"
Reactors - i want sex 7"
Injections - prison walls 7"
Cola Freaks - s/t 7"
Cola Freaks - s/t lp
Forbidden Tigers - colonial freakout 7"
Demon's Claws - lazerbeams 7"
Wet Bags - down by the docks 7"
Haunted George - the buzzards ate my flesh 7"
Tyvek - time change 7"
Bäddat För Trubbel - det här är inte New York lp
Aron - djaevlens horn lp
Aron - testament from the human plantation lp
Apa State Mental - the reunited heavy metal... lp

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