söndag 27 november 2011

VIDEO - Leather leather, lp!

VIDEO - Leather leather lp (Play Pinball Records 2011) 130:- SOLD OUT!!!
There's been a lot of buzz about this release and names like Chrome, Crime and Flipper has been dropped. A lot to live up to... and now it's here. Is it good? Actually, it's great!!! Punkrock somewhere in the territory between the chaos of Reatards, early Destruction Unit and the dumbpunk of Wax Museums. So believe the hype, listen and buy! Consists of members from Wax Museums and Bad Sports among others. Comes in a nice die-cut jacket. Few copies so act fast!

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Joachim Tevebring sa...

Hann ju missa den lilla urvalshögen. Plocka gärna ihop en ny, för en femhundring (för nu har du jy haft lite mer tid). Så löser vi det vid tillfälle.
Joachim Tevebring