lördag 17 december 2011

Some additions...

- s/t 12" (Mastermind Records 2011) 120:-
Best!!! 7 songs in 15 minutes combining killed by death style punk mixed with old L.A. punk and early 80's U.S. hardcore. Lots of catchy tunes mixed with retarded abrupt changes and even stupider lyrics. Featuring members of 9 Shocks Terror among others. Limited to 450 copies.
Very very few copies left at Art//Arse?, most sold through pre-orders...

USELESS EATERS - Mr Oscillations 7" (Mastermind 2010) 45:-
One of the best new bands? Great mix of modern punkrock and KBD. Recommended - and don't forget to check out their lp's!

More to come after this thing called x-mas!

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