lördag 24 mars 2012

Art or Arse? - distro update #16

New stuff in stock at Art//Arse?. Everything in update #15 is in stock as well in this now.
Lots of good stuff - don't forget to click on the links where possible and listen. And of course - CONSUUUME!

BÄDDAT FÖR TRUBBEL - Värdighet lp (Punks Only) 100:- BACK IN STOCK!!!
Brand new lp from this great band! B-U-Y N-O-W.

YOUNG IDENTITIES - New trends 7" (540 Records) 45:-
Back in stock! Amazing OZ punkrock from 1980, raw and nice...

KICKS - The secret 7" (540 Records) 45:-
Latest release from 540 of their reissues of stuff from the old OZ-label Savage/Shake. This is an odd one, from 1980, more postpunkish with an Bauhaus-vibe... a bit like Cortex? Great!

GASOLINE - Radio Flic / Killer man 7" (-) 55:-
A so-called fanclub release of this French KBD-classic. Essential.

NASAL BOYS - Hot love 7" (Sing Sing) 50:-
Punkrock mayhem from Switzerland 1978!

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