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Art or Arse? - distro update #15


A new update (and everything that's left from the old ones) from Art//Arse? - might be the best one yet, at least the most diverse. Great stuff from labels such as Last Laugh, Mighty Mouth, Ugly Pop, SingSing among others. Everything is in stock in this now, no idea about tomorrow. Don't forget to click on the links to listen. Feel free to consume!

HERE WE GO - stuff in stock!:

ARSON - Coho, Coho / White folks 7" (Ugly Pop) 45:-
Great early Canadian punkrock from 1979 with members from such great acts as Viletones and the Ugly. One fast track and one slow burner, nice... recommended!

CRASH KILLS FIVE - What do you do at night? 7"ep (Ugly Pop) 45:-
Classic melodic punkrock from Canada again. Originally released in 1980.

DREAM DATES - Surfer Joe 7" (Ugly Pop) 45:-
More Canadian punkrock. This one recorded in 1979. A-side is a Surfaris cover and the flip is their version of "Tallahassee Lassie" with a guitar sound that would fit on Never mind the bollocks!

SPECIAL DEAL! Buy all three Ugly Pop releases (Arson + Crash Kills Five + Dream Dates) and get them for 120:-!!!

LEVANDE BEGRAVD #2, fanzine 20:-
2nd issue of this lovely zine! Nice reading for all you Swedish-speaking ones about essential stuff like music, recordhunting and movies. If you don't speak Swedish buy it anyway and use Google-translate!

MENTALLY ILL - Gacy's place 7"ep (Last Laugh) 55:-
Art//Arse? is loss for words so let's use Last laughs own words; "Of all the hotly sought-after original Killed-By-Death punk singles, few to none are as notorious - or mysterious - as the "Gacy's Place" EP by The Mentally Ill. The sleeve, the topics, the so-horrible-it's-amazing production values, that voice. Many in the know crown it the sickest punk record ever made." B-U-Y.

VOM - Live at Surf City 7"ep (Rerun Records) 55:-
Young, loud and snotty punkrock from pre-Angry Samoans in 1978. Amazing. Electrocute my cock!

VACUUM - Walking slow 7"ep (Siltbreeze) 50:-
Demented art scronk from this NZ band. Part 2 in Siltbreeze reissue series of the band. Great recordings from 1978/79.

AVENGERS - Be a caveman 7" (Mighty Mouth) 50:-
Gender study in the 60's... Nice 60's garage rock that would fit on any Garagepunk Unknowns / Back from the grave compilation!

AMBULANCE - It's all up to you 7" (SingSing) 50:-
USA 1978. Is it punkrock? Is it powerpop (yuck!)? It's Ambulace that deliver nice poppy punkrock...

SCREAMING URGE - Homework 7" (SingSing) 50:-
Melodic d.i.y. punkrock from Ohio 1980. Great 7" whose title track gave name to a whole series of releases at the aforementioned Hyped2Death site. You need it!

MACHINES - True life 7"ep (1977 Records) 55:-
Finally a legitimate reissue of this UK 7" from 1978. Raw and nasty punkrock from the islands of bad teeth.

SPIV - Oh you beautiful child 7" (Mighty Mouth Records) 50:-
More 70’s glamrock at Art//Arse?! Another hit from Laurice, the same guy who gave us the also excellent Grudge 7”. Buy!

SHIT DOGS - Presents the history of cheese double-7"ep (Last Laugh 2011) 75:-
This great 33rpm ep reissued as a double 45 rpm ep for your maximum listening pleasure. Raw and powerful punkrock from Lousiana 1980 - play it loud!!!

GRUDGE - When Christine comes around / I'm gonna smash your face in 7" (Mighty Mouth) 50:-
Ultraviolence disguised as glam rock in 1973. Best reissue of 2010? Art//Arse? loves it!

THE INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND - (Watch out) Thief 7"(Last Laugh) 55:-
Haven't been too fond of the other reissues of their stuff, but this one is a killer. Great British early punk/pubrock which might sound a bit Childish/Medway...

SKUNKS - Can't get loose / Earthquake shake 7" (Last Laugh) 55:-
Reissue of this Texas KBD classic from the always reliable Last Laugh label. Nice stuff indeed.

SKINNIES - Kill the beat 7" -I'm a dullard / Out of control (Last Laugh 2011) 55:-
More greatness from the south of USA - New Orleans - the Skinnies deliever two tracks of nice poppy punkrock.

INJECTIONS - Prison walls 7" (Last Laugh Records 2010) 55:-
Originally released in 1980. Great and rare 7". Sought after by both punk- and diy-completists.

REALLY RED - Crowd control / Corporate settings 7" (-) 50:-
Since the Dicks 7" is long time gone, Art//Arse? even it up with adding another Tex-ass punkrock classic - a so-called fanclub release of the first Really Red 7" from 1979. Complete without sleeve, just like the original. Blazing punkrock that will make your pants wet!

ED NASTY - I'm gonna be everything 7" (Last Laugh Records 2011) 55:-
So raw, so great...

CRITICAL MASS - Silver screen / No one left to blame 7" (Last Laugh 2011) 55:-
Another 7", of which an original would cost you a fortune, reissued. Like if the Sex Pistols had relocated to sunny Florida in 1978. Full frontal Holidays in the sun attack! Read the full story here! No sleeve just as the originals...

EMBARRESSMENT - Sex drive / Patio 7" (Last Laugh 2011) 55:-
Embarressments first 7", originally released 1980 and full of what they called Blister pop. Great one, give it a listen!

REACTORS - It's not important / Cold eyes 7" (Rerun Records 2011) 50:-
This is Reactors from Austin, Texas and not to be confused with the Reactors from New York (see elsewhere in this list). This 7" was originally recorded and released in 1980 and delivers dark and melancholic punkrock!

LA POLLA RECORDS - Y Ahora Que? 7"ep (Munster 2010?) 55:-
Finally a legitimate reissue of this melodic Spanish KDB-classic originally released in 1983. Dare I say essential?

JUST URBAIN - Burning 7"ep (540 Records 2010) 45:-
540 Records has made it its mission to reissue everything released on Australian Savage/Shake in 1979/80. This means loads of great punkrock! Here we have Just Urbains 1st 7" - great lo-fi crud!

JUST URBAIN - Everybody loves Just Urbain (540 Records 2011) 45:-
Just Urbains' second 7"! Share some members with Young Identities and we like this one as well.

BODYSNATCHERS - Frantic 7" (540 Records 2010) 45:-
More great OZ punkrock from the Savage/Shake label...

PUNCTURE - Mucky Pup / You can't rock and roll (in a council flat) 7" (Last Laugh 2011) 55:-
Originally released on Small Wonder in 1977 and now finally reissued by Last Laugh. Top notch -77 punkrock with an A-side that has been covered and made immortal by the Exploited(!?)

SHITTY LIMITS - Last order /Selling point 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus 2010) 45:-
Contemporary British band that sounds very British in the ATV and Fall way. Part of the same scene as Black Mamba Beat, Love Triangle and Hygiene. Might be one of their best releases up to date, too bad that they did their last show on the 22nd of October 2011... Don't miss this one or any of their other releases in this list!

RAS - Ett folk, ett ras / Vill ha mer 7" (Push my buttons 2010) 45:-
Finally back in stock! Debut 7" from this band from Stockholm. KBD-sounding punkrock that reminds me of a rawer early KSMB.

LA POLLA RECORDS - Y Ahora Que? 7"ep (Munster 2010?) 55:-
Finally a legitimate reissue of this melodic Spanish KDB-classic originally released in 1983. Dare I say essential?

DEAF MUTATIONS - Crash the clubs 7"ep (Static Shock 2011) 45:-
Hardcore galore! Killer h/c by Career Suicide members, reminds at least me of SSD and the early 80's Boston sound. Nice.

SHITTY LIMITS - Speculate/Accumulate 12" (La Vida Es Un Mus 2011) 100:-
This might be their strongest release to date. Rumours say that they will break up after their current us-tour and that this 12" will be their swansong. Fuck, too bad... Highly recommended piece of plastic

FLOWERS MUST DIE - s/t 12" (Rev/Vega 2010) 110:-
Malmös own Hawkwind? Great spaced-out psych! If you dig stuff like early Hawkwind, this is the record for you! Art//Arse? like it!!!

BLACK MAMBA BEAT - s/t lp (Jeetkune 2010) 100:-
New South-african/British band, part of the British so-called Shabeen Scene, and consists of one ex(?)-Black Time member. Sounds like a cross between Black Time, Minutemen and maybe Cramps British punkrockstyle? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

SKULL DEFEKTS - Gospel of the skull 7" (Psychic Malmö 2011) 50:-
Great release from Psychic Malmö. Traditional Skull Defekts sound, but the vocals from Daniel Higgs (ex-Lungfish) makes it sound a bit like Cortex and we all like Cortex, right?

APACHE - Bloody knuckles 7" (Savage) 45:-
Holy shit! Art//Arse? was expecting some glam/punk/junk, but instead this is great punkrock with a slice of NWOBHM-sound. This update's surprise!

HYGIENE - Public sector lp (La Vida Es Un Mus 2011) 100:-
After a couple of nice 7-inches here's Hygienes debut album. Better than ever? Really British sounding punk/post-punk for everyone who like Bingomaster-era The Fall. B-U-Y.

BÄDDAT FÖR TRUBBEL - Det här är inte New York lp (Punks Only 2010) 100:-
Top notch Skåne punkrock! A mixture of every great punk band from south Sweden; Kriminella Gitarrer, Problem, Noise... Can't get much better.
Second press on brown vinyl if anyone cares?

APA STATE MENTAL - The Reunited Heavy Metal States Of Apa State Mental lp (Almighty Kong 2009) 85:-
Great garagepunkfuzzjunglebeat from Malmö. Recommended!

DAILY VOID - Civilization Dust 7" (Kenrock 2010) 40:-
Great art damaged apocalyptic punkrock from Chicago. Latest 7" by post-Functional Blackouts.

TYVEK - Time Change / Inner City Walks 7" (Les Disques Steak 2011) 50:-
Is it punkrock? Hardcore? Art or Arse? Another great and chaotic release.

PINK REASON - Desperate Livin' 7"ep (Almost Ready 2011) 45:-
Pink Reason is known for delievering poppy art scronk, but this is their hardcore-ep for sure.
If you like Bad Brains and Poison Idea... GREAT!

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