onsdag 20 juni 2012

Update #18 - just in time for the summer heat?

First, three new 7"'s from the Canadian Ugly Pop Records who continue to give us top notch reissues of classic Canadian KBD-stuff - here we go!

HOT NASTIES - Invasion of the Tribbles 7"ep (Ugly Pop) 45:-
Great inept punkrock from Calgary 1980. Not fast, raw or anything, just plain great. Recommended!

SPY'S - Underground 7" (Ugly Pop) 45:-
More 1980 punkrock. Classic stuff! Were originally released in two different sleeves and comes with replicas of both...

ROCK'N'ROLL BITCHES - Wild west 7"ep (Ugly Pop) 45:-
Last of the three... had never heard of them before... What a surprise! Top notch KDB-stuff here - listen!

Other stuff....

CIRCLE X - Heartbreaker / Look at the people 7" (Poutre Apparente) 50:-
Arty no-wave scronk from 1979 by these then living in France New Yorkers. Cool cover of the Stones classic. Recommended!

TAV FALCO & THE PANTERBURNS- She's the one to blame 7"ep (Mighty Mouth) 55:-
Reissue of this Memphis legend's first 7" from 1980. You know what to expect and this is even better! Comes in a beautiful silk screened sleeve.

INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND - Fighting my way back 7" (Last Laugh) 55:-
Latest reissue of the Kidda Band stuff from Last Laugh. What can I say? I actually start to like them, haha! At least this one and the previous "Thief" 7".... From 1979. Nice British "punk" that borders to pubrock. Or something...


More stuff that hopefully will arrive in the coming week/weeks;

- Mike Rep & the Quotas - Rocket to Nowhere 7"
- Bobb Trimble - Take me home Vienna 7"
- Features - Floozie of the neighborhood 7"
- Testors - Together 7"
- Testors - Two sides of death 7"
- Penetrators - Teenage lifestyle 7"
- Penetrators - Gotta have her 7"
- Spelling Mistakes - Feels so good 7"

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