måndag 9 juli 2012

Update #19

Already time for a new update - great stuff in stock! Have a look, click on the links to listen and then ORDER!!! Limited quantities as usual....

Everything in the last 4-5 updates is in stock as well. Drop a line and ask.

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Here we go!

DICKS - Hate the police 7"ep (1234go! Records) 50:-
You know you need it.

MIKE REP & THE QUOTAS - Rocket to nowhere (Mighty Mouth) 55:-
Recprded in ´75(?). Essential punkrock. Best guitar sound ever!

FEATURES - Floozie of the neighbourhood 7" (Last Laugh) 55:-
More great KBD punkrock. Save your money and buy reissues!

BOBB TRIMBLE - Tack me home Vienna 7" (Mighty Mouth) 50:-
Reissue of rare 1981 7" by this genius. Calm and nice stuff and oh-so-great.

SPELLING MISTAKES - Feels so good 7"ep (SingSing) 50:-
New Zealand 1980. Ok powerpop on side A, but the action starts on the flip with some great punkrock in "Hate me, hate me"!

And also some restocks!

NASAL BOYS - Hot love 7" (SingSing) 50:-

NOTHING - Scream'n'cry 7" (SingSing) 50:-

FINGERS - Isolation 7" (Last Laugh) 55:-

SKUNKS - Can't let loose 7" (Last Laugh) 55:-

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