söndag 9 september 2012

Update #21!

Alright, here we go, some new stuff and more in the pipeline. Feel free to have a look and please get in touch if you need anything! artorarsedistro [a] gmail.com

PRIMITIVE RITES – s/t, lp (Punks Only, Instigate, Jaguar Trust) 100:-
Wish that you grew up in Boston in the early 80’s listening to SSD? Fuck that and buy this debut 12” by Primitive Rites instead. Top notch Boston style hc!


PF COMMANDO – Svenne Pop 7” (Kenrock) 45:-
If you read these lists you don’t need any introduction to this one. Mandatory Swedish KBD.


PUSRAD – Akta dig 7” (Kenrock) 45:-
New 7", just as short and just as great by these ex-Raped Teenagers.


KNOTS – Heartbreaker / Action 7” (Last Laugh) 55:-
Finally a reissue of this masterpiece.  The outstanding flipside has been covered by loads of bands…. go ahead and buy a cheap copy of the original version!


NUBS – I don’t need you (Last Laugh) 55:-
Last Laugh Records keep them coming – more great KBD stuff finally reissued!


RAZAR – Stamp out disco 7” (Singsing) 50:-
Holy fuck! Out of the blue this reissue of Thee Australian KBD 7” drops down. Loss for words. BUY!!!


BLITZ BOYS – Eddys new shoes7”ep (Singsing) 50:-
Great early British punkrock that sounds like it could have been released on the mighty Good Vibrations Records.


SPELLINGMISTAKES – Feel so good 7”ep (Singsing) 50:-
Nice 7” from New Zealand 1980. Quite powerpoppy on the A-side, but on the flip the shit hits the fan with “Hate me, hate me”!


GASOLINE – Radio Flic / Killer man 7” (-)
Back in stock! You know you need it….

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