fredag 27 juli 2012

Update #20

A small update this time. It's too hot outside.

PENETRATORS - Teenage lifestyle 7" (Windian) 40:-
US (basement rock?)punkrock from 1979. Think Dead Boys run through a Nuggets comp. Great!

TESTORS - Together 7" (Windian) 40:-
From 1980 and quite similiar to Penetrators. Led by no one else than Sonny Vincent.

P-NISSARNA - Jugend 7" (Kenrock) 45:-
Thanks to Kenrock for reissue this Swedish masterpiece!

PUSRAD - Akta dig 7" (Kenrock) 45:-
2nd offering from these ex-Raped Teenagers. Fast, short and sweet!

Most of the stuff in earlier updates in stock as well...

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