fredag 1 februari 2013

Update #24!

Time for some new musical ineptness. Enjoy!
 (stuff marked with * will arrive any day. Pre-orders welcome)

COLA FREAKS / SECRET PROSTITUTES – split-lp (Bad Hair Records) 120:-
 No need for words.

*WAKE UP DEAD – s/t, 7” (EZPZ) 45:-
From the same scene as Shitty Limits, Black Time and Hygiene. Some Black Timers in the band as well... Great straight ahead British punkrock.
POINTED STICKS – What do you want me to do, 7” (Ugly Pop) 50:-
Latest reissue offering from the Ugly Pop label. Great melodic punkrock.

BUREAUCRATS – Feel the pain, 7” (Ugly Pop) 50:-
More quality from Ugly Pop. Canadian, but a must if you like your punk the British way.
*VILLAGE PISTOLS – Big Money, 7” (Last Laugh) 55:-
Finally a vinyl reissue of this tape-trading classic. Big money – BIG MONEY!

*CARTOONS – She’s a rock and roller, 7” (Last Laugh) 55:-
Completely new to Art//Arse?.... Suppose it’s good since it’s on Last Laugh!
ROTTWEILER – I’m down, 7” (Singsing) 50:-
Powerpop(?) from the south of Sweden. Some love it, some don’t…

TESTORS – Two sides of death, 7” (Windian) 50:-
Recorded live and a really crude 7” from this great band. Art//Arse? dunno, but think the sound really fits them…
*SPIDER BABIES – The twenty year war, lp (Sack O Shit) 120:-
Latest offering from this very un-PC band, Might be their best release ever!
BREMEN - s/t, 2xlp (Skrammel) 120:-
Great noise/ambient/psych/weirdo/whatever from two Brainbombs members. Do you dare to try?

LIIMANARINA - Keskenmenobileet (7"ep:t & cp:t 1899-1919), lp (Rock'n'roll Bullshit etc.) 100:-
Total lunacy from this Finnish band. The Levande Begravd fanzine really did put words on Liimanarina when they wrote that the band sounded like what the Cramps "Live at Napa state Hospital" recording would have sounded like if it were played by the patients instead of the Cramps - haha!
A recommended compilation of their long gone 7-inches.
 BLACK BUG - Reflecting the light, lp (XVIII Records) 110:-
Great trashy synthpunk from this Swedes-relocated-to-France. Dark and intense!

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