fredag 5 april 2013

Update #25

A new update. Not too many records - but what a records! Brulbåjz and Soggy...

Most stuff in the latest 2 or 3 updates in stock as well. Please email for complete list!

 BRULBÅJZ - Dödens apostlar, 7"ep (Kenrock) 45:-
Wow!!! Finally a reissue of this Swedish KBD-killer. Great noise!

SOGGY - Waiting for the war / 47 Chromosomes, 7" (Cameleon) 50:-
Total Stooges hardrock worship on this great French 7" originally released in 1981.
REPULSE - Habershon ways, 7"ep (Cameleon) 50:-
Inept art scronk with a Velvet vibe on this obscure French 7" from -82. Very few copies in stock...
TELEVISION  PERSONALITIES - Where's Bill Grundy now?, 7"ep (Paramecium) 55:-
AUTOMATICS - When the tanks roll over Poland again, 7" (Paramecium) 55:-
Reissue of this UK-77 classic. Art or arse?


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