onsdag 24 juli 2013

Update #27

Finally a new update. Since it's summer it's a budget update layout-wise. Anyway, click on the links and listen. Then consume!!!

Ras – s/t, 7”ep (Art//Arse?, Smuts, Dempe, Melle Rec.) 40:-  Great punkrock with a sound that makes you think of all that classic  Swedish KBD noise as well as more “modern” stuff (think Spits and others).  Released by yours truly and 3 other labels. Wholesale available!
 Zero Boys – Livin’ in the 80’s, 7”ep (1234go! Records) 50:- Classic!

Bastards – Funky bastards, 7” (Singsing) 50:- Italy 1977, Belgian The Kids play Do you love the Nazis + Job in town under a different name (sorry, did just find a clip by the Kids...)

Soda Fraise – Ca Baigne Dans L’Huile, 7” (Singsing) 50:- French punkrock from 1980

Destry Hampton & The Wolves – Angel of madness, 7”ep (Superior Viaduct) 55:- Reissue of this very rare and insane piece of plastic. Rough noisy punkrock.

Urinals – s/t, 7”ep (Superior Viaduct) 55:- Classics.
Urinals – Another ep, 7”ep (Superior Viaduct) 55:-
Urinals – Sex, 7” (Superior Viaduct) 55:-

Devo – Hardcore vol.1, lp (Superior Viaduct) 120:- Early demo recordings from 74-77. Very limted quantities of both this and vol.2!!!

Devo – Hardcore vol.2, 2xlp (Superior Viaduct) 160:- See above!

Lögnhalsmottagningen – Billigtförpackadstandardpunk 7”ep (Batshit) 45:- 4th 7” from what might be Swedens best band! Will for sure appear on Killed By Death #1424 in year 2025.

Svart Städhjälp – Gatuvapen, 7”ep (Rundgång +2) 45:- Their cassette on Ljudkassett now released on vinyl!

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