tisdag 1 oktober 2013

Update #28

Lots of new stuff. Diverse stuff. Some new, some old. Some melodic, some... not so melodic. Enjoy!

SLEAFORD MODS – Austerity Dogs, lp (Harbinger Sound) 120:-
A bass line and a cheap drum machine and all of a sudden you end up in UK -79! New band from Nottingham. Very British and very Crass/Fall/TVP-like. Did we say British? Recommended!

PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS – s/t, lp (Desire) 110:-

PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS - Do that dance, 7” (Desire) 55:-
Reissues of the Primitive Calculators early material. Like if SPK played punkrock or the Screamers were from Australia. Excellent!


LUCRATE MILK – Lustiges Tierquartett, 7”ep (Danger) 50:-
Messthetics-like (post-)punk from France. Originally released in -81. Pretty messy.

OUTCASTS – Justa nother teenage rebel, 7” (Paramecium) 50:-
Mandatory reissue of this killer 7” originally released on the mighty Good Vibrations label!


RINGS – I wanna be free, 7” (Paramecium) 50:-
Pub-/punkrock classic originally released on the Chiswick label.

FIRE EXIT – Time wall 7” (Last Laugh) 55:-
Latest reissue from the Last Laugh label. This time a well hidden Scottish gem, Fire Exit.

VILLAGEPISTOLS – Big money 7” (Last Laugh) 55:-
Back in stock!

 NUBS – I don’t need you 7” (Last Laugh) 55:-
Back in stock!

PSYCHO SURGEONS – Horizontal action 7” (Crypt) 65:-
Back in stock!!! 

OBLIVIANS – Strong come on 7” (Crypt) 45:-
Arghh, Art//Arse? feels old when records they bought when they were originally released get reissued! Great great piece of plastic…

RÄJÄYTTÄJÄT – Awopbopaloopop Alopbam Räja, lp (Räjä) 120:-
Latest offering from these Finnish lunatics.


LÖGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN – Billigtförpackadstandardpunk, 7”ep (Batshit) 45:-
Latest 7” from what  might be the best duo in the history of music.


VENOM P STINGER – Meet my friend Venom, lp (Drag City) 130:-
VENOM P STINGER – Walking around 7” (Drag City) 55:-
Australian punkrock that borders to insanity. Excellent stuff from the mid 80’s. Post-Sick Things.


DWARR – Starting over, lp (Drag City) 130:-
Heavy Metal / Loner / Psych / Weirdo from mid 80’s. Did we say mandatory?

DEATH – for the wole world to see, lp (Drag City) 130:-
Great (proto-?)punkrock from this Detroit band. Recorded in 1975, but not released until a couple of years ago.

STIV BATORS / DAVID QUINTON – Make up your mind 7” (Ugly Pop) 50:-
Two different recordings of this track that appeared on Stivs Disconnected lp. See the Ugly Pop website for more info. Nice powerpop.

STIV BATORS' DEAD BOYS - Last Stand 1980, 7”ep (Ugly Pop) 50:-
Three live tracks from the last Dead Boys tour 1980; Son of Sam, 3rd generation nation (you need this!!!) and All this and more. The Dead Boys is the Dead Boys is the…

HACKAMORE BRICK - Oh, those sweet bananas! 7" (Ugly Pop) 50:-
Back in stock!

BLITZ - All out attack, 7"ep (Ugly Pop) 50:-
Oi! classic!

PARTISANS - Police story 7" (Ugly Pop) 50:-
Another one...

Stuff that will arrive very soon (pre-orders welcome!):

YURI GAGARIN – s/t, lp (Levande Begravd) 120:- Great spacerock from GBG!

J.T. IV – Cosmic lightning, lp (Drag City)

NUBS – Job 7” (Last Laugh) 55:-

KNOTS – Heartbreaker / Action 7” (Last Laugh) 55:-

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