onsdag 1 januari 2014

Update #29

Happy New Year to all of you who deserve it. The ones who don't can buy some records instead...

INSULTS – Population Zero, 7” (Last Laugh) 55:-
Latest offering from Last Laugh Records. A great choice for a reissue as usual.


 NUBS – Job, 7” (Last Laugh) 55:-


ADRENALINO.D. – Let’s barbeque, 7”ep (Psychic Volt) 50:-
Early USHC. Nice.

 FURY – Flying, 7” (Hozac) 50:-
Sonny Vincent pre-Testors, 1972. Great stuff!


BRATS – Be a man, 7” (Hozac) 50:-
Rick Rivits post-NY Dolls. Nice glam punk. And nice haircuts,


LOST KIDS – Cola Freaks, 7”ep (Singsing) 50:-


DWARF – Gotta get louder / I won’t be back, 7” (Singsing) 50:-
Back in stock. Great US glampunk from the 70’s. Sounds like a bunch of rural kids trying to be Kiss. But in a good way (i.e. the result is way better than Kiss!).


BASTARDS – Funky bastards, 7” (Singsing) 50:-
The Kids under a different name, Why? No idea. Do you love the Nazis?


PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS – Do that dance, 7” (Desire) 55:-
Back in stock. Great synth/noise/punk from Australia 1979.


SLEAFORD MODS – Jobseeker, 7” (Kraak) 60:-
Latest(?) 7” from these very British lads. Can work if you like Crass and/or Streets. Love it!


TBC – Musik I plast, 7”ep (Kenrock) 45:-
Great classic Swe KBD reissue.


AFFLICTED MAN – I’m off me ’ead, lp (Permanent) 100:-
Wacked out psych punk 1980. Hard to describe… google, ok!? Can't find a good sound clip either... read more here!
Note: Only got two copies left and they both got a beginning seam split on top due to bad packening. Nothing too bad but this is the reason they’re pretty cheap (but worth every Swedish krona!).


LÖGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN/ BAD DADDIES – split 7” (Emotional Response) 40:-
Latest offering from our favourites LHM, the second best duo after Simon & Garfunkel. This time a split release with the american Bad Daddies.


V/A – Pickled Herring Punk vol.2, cs (Oogatjacka Tapes) 35:-
Volume two of this superb cassette sampler. Featuring great acts such as AIDS, Svart Städhjälp, Liv, Slakt & Maskin, L’Obscurité, Kuksugers, Tjänstemännen, Tyred eyes among others. BUY!!!

BRUN DILL - En levande musikafton på Tangopalatset, cs (-) 25:-
A raging live set recorded at Tangopalatset in Malmö on Valborg 2013. Mandatory!?

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