söndag 16 februari 2014

Update #30

Welcome to the latest update. Even less fancy than usual... yeah, I'm sick of being sick. Anyway, consume!

Never released tracksl from a time when Chrome had too much great record. Read more here!
JIMMY SMACK – Death Rocks 7” (Death Vault) 55:-
Really depressing minimal synth / weirdo stuff. Awesome!!!
VICIOUS VISIONS  – I beat you 7” (1977) ***SOLD OUT!!!***
Very few copies. Sorry about the high price, expensive as hell wholesale too…
ELECTROCHOC – Trois minutes / Chaise electrique 7" (1977) 65:-
Great French KBD stuff! 1977 Records = expensive.
ELECTROCHOC – Je dis ce que je pense 7"(1977) 65:-
This is what was supposed to be their 2nd 7” but didn’t happen back in the days. Now released on a Japanese label, almost better than their 1st one!
MACHINES – True life 7”ep (1977) 65:-
British KBD mayhem from 1978. Better and rawer than all your Oi! records!
ÄPPELKARTERS – Skjut Lill-Babs 7” (Kenrock) 45:-
Great punkrock. Released in the late 80’s but sounds more ’77 than your average KBD band!
BÄDDAT FÖR TRUBBEL – Inte varit så tuff 7” (Total Punk) 50:-
Latest 7”. You know what to expect.
SISTA BUSSEN – Jag ska ingenstans 7”ep (Kärringa Jonson Records) 40:-
Awesome trashy punkrock that sounds sounds like it was recorded in a sardin can. Good? Yes!!!
MANATEENS – Earworm 7”ep (Kenrock) 45:-
New Memphis band. Nice stuff.
V/A –Pickled Herring Punk #2, cs (Ooga Tjacka Tapes) 35:-
Volume two of this superb cassette sampler. Featuring great acts such as AIDS, Svart Städhjälp, Liv, Slakt & Maskin, L’Obscurité, Kuksugers, Tjänstemännen, Tyred eyes among others. BUY!!!

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