torsdag 19 juni 2014

Update #32 - Summer 2014

Alright, time for the Art//Arse? summer update. Quite a lot of new stuff. Some titles are quite expensive, but they were quite expensive wholesale as well and shipping costs is a nightmare...
Have a look and please note that most of the stuff in update #31 is in stock as well.

And - Art//Arse? will take a small summer break and no orders will be shipped between something like 28th of June and 12th of July. Enjoy the summer and don't forget to CONSUME!!!

X-X - Sticky fingers, lp (Ektro Records) 140:- Collection of singles, practice tapes and live stuff by this Electric Eels related band. You're full of shit!

LAURICE - Best of Laurice vol.1, lp (Mighty Mouth) 120:- Great collection of stuff by this 70's artist who also recorded under the name GRUDGE. Is it proto punk? Is it glam? You be the judge.

SLEAFORD MODS - Divide and Exit, lp (Harbinger) 150:- Latest lp by this now hyped band(?). Crass meets Streets? A//A? like...

ACID - Burning 7" (Buttercup) 70:- "Obscure and loose DIY rock action from a bunch of 14-15 yr olds from NSW [Australia] circa 1977". Recommended.

CHOSEN FEW - I wanna be your dog / Son of Sam 7" (Buttercup) 70:- One cover and one original from '78-'79 by this great Australian band.

WILD YOUTH - All messed up / So messed up 7" (Retrobution) 65:- Great punkrock from South Africa 1979!

WILD YOUTH - Wot about me 7" (Retrobution) 65:- See above. One cool original from the late 70's and on the flip a re-recording of their very first song...

PIZZOAR - s/t 7"ep (Kenrock) 45:- Mr. K does it once again - another great KBD reissue! Guds barn, era jävla barn! (Note: could just find a live clip...)

SICK THOUGHTS - I'm gonna be your dog 7" (Kenrock) 45:- Nice trashy punkrock worth checking out.

SKUNKS - Can't get loose 7" (Last Laugh) 55:- Restock!

NUBS - Little Billys burning / Job 7" (Last Laugh) 55:- Restock!

Soon in stock as well:

NEO PUNKZ 7" (La Vida En Un Mus)
SUSPENSE 7" (La Vida En Un Mus)

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