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Update #33 - the update has been updated.

CRIME - Murder by guitar, lp (Superior Viaduct) SOLD OUT!
Collection of all their 7"'s plus never before released studio recordings. As with every other Crime release you know this is m-a-n-d-a-t-o-r-y.

PF COMMANDO - Manipulerade mongon, lp (Ugly Pop) 140:-
Finally a legit reissue of this classic Swedish masterpiece.

PF COMMANDO - Nu ska vi ha kul 7" (Ugly Pop) 55:-
Legit reissue of PFC's 2nd 7" also known as "Rough Sound".

BÄDDAT FÖR TRUBBEL - Live på Nobe 2012-12-30, lp (Batshit) 150:-
First in a row of planned live records from Batshit you get BFT - nice choice indeed!

SVART STÄDHJÄLP - s/t, lp (Punks Only) 120:-
Great Skåne hardcore that keeps up the proud heritage from Moderat Likvidation and Puke. Do I need to say recommended?

PRIMITIVE RITES - Amount to nothing 7"ep (Adult Crash) 50:-
Well done Boston-style hardcore from Malmö. Might be the first place that they nuke...

BENT WIND - Sussex, lp (Ugly Pop) 140:-
Canadian heavy psych from 1970, no hippie shit.

THORS HAMMER -If you knew, lp (Ugly Pop) 140:-
Icelandic beat/"punk" from the 60's. Nice piece of plastic!

PIGZ - Bloody Belgium, 7"ep (Ugly Pop) 55:-
Belgian (obviously) kbd punkrock that might destroy all other records in your collection.

WIPERS -Nome Noma 7" (Meanbean) 55:-
Catchy Canadian punkrock from 1980. Until now totally unknown to A//A?. Arrgh, can't get it out of my head!!!

ULSERS - Remember them 7" (Wallaby Beat) 60:-
Australian artscronk DIY noise from 1980 worh every Swedish krona.
"Deluxe reissue of this DIY masterpiece. Up there with early records by SPK and the Slugfuckers as one of the most original and creative statements of Australian punk."

ULSERS - Forget them, lp (Wallaby Beat) 140:-
"Ten jaw-dropping, previously unreleased songs from the Ulsers in full-band mode. Same mayhem, bonus drums, shouting and electricity."

REMO VOOR - Frogrammer 7" (Rich Bitch) 50:-
Early German KBD gemm. If you're poor, buy this. If you're rich, go for an original.

CHARLES DE GOAL - Algorythmes, lp (Danger) 130:-
"Originally released on New Rose in 1980. Leader of the french 80s cold wave scene. Probably the greatest French minimal electronic punk record"

COMA - Clinik Organic Musak Anatomik, lp (Danger) 130:-
"Pre-CHARLES DE GOAL. Official reissue and legitimate french avant garde/weird synth punk masterpiece. First and only self-titled, originally released in 1979." Nice record!

CONTIGENT - Homme Sauvage 7" (Danger) 55:-
Belgian before unreleased 7" by this post-Chainsaw/X-pulsion band. Classic Euro-KBD!

PLASTIX - Konsumier Mich 7" (Danger) 55:-
Female fronted art damaged DIY punk from Vienna -81. Compiles all their released output. Great? Yes!

HOLLYWOOD AUTOPSY - s/t, lp (Little Big Chief) 140:-
Demented art punk scronk weirdness outta Wisconsin 1983.
"PiL meets the Shaggs, Cramps, and Butthole Surfers on a bad ’60s acid trip, stumble over Flipper’s corpse, and rise (barely) above the basement. Enter the ghost of the 13th Floor Elevators, and you have it. These guys prove that Sky Saxon is dead!"

JIMMY SMACK - Death Rocks 7" (Death Vault) 65:-
Back in stock! Great eerie insane outsider stuff from -83. Amazing! We're loss for words.

JIMMY SMACK - Death or glory 7"ep (Death Vault) 65:-
YES! Finally is the reissue of that other Jimmy Smack 7" out. Even more strange than the one above Phew...

LOCKJAW - Dead friends 7"ep (Antitodo) 60:-
Reissue of great 80's hardcore from P-O-R-T-L-A-N-D. Think early Poison Idea. Raw stuff, A//A? love this!


Some stuff left from earlier updates as well. Feel free to ask. Complete list will come some day in the future.

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