onsdag 28 januari 2015

Update #34. New year, new updates.

After a way too long time we're finally back with a small update. Not too many titles, but more will come during the spring. Enjoy!

ELECTRIC MANCHAKOU - s/t, lp (Memoire Neuve) 140:-
Compilation lp with this great French (garage?)rock band. Think Stooges, France, budget...

HOLOCAUSTE - Hard life / Newcomer 7" (Cameleon) 55:-
Reissue of rare French heavy psych from -79. Cool.

MOPO MOGO - Pouvoir / Fuck off, 7" (Cameleon) 55:-
This is insane! A French one mans band Discharge from -83. A real must have!

LOCKJAW - Shock value 7"ep (Antitodo) 60:-
Reissue of the first Lockjaw 7". Great early USHC similiar to early Poison Idea.

SISTA BUSSEN - Andra världskriget två 7"ep (Kärring Jonson mfl) 40:-
Trashy punkrock from Uppsala. Nice stuff. Their 2nd 7".

SISTA BUSSEN - Jag ska ingenstans 7"ep (Kärring Jonson) 40:-
Restock of first 7".

URBAN SAVAGE - Let thunder roar, lp (Savage Records) 100:-
Is it hardcore? Is it Oi? Fuck it - it's pure raw punkrock! Great piece of plastic.

MAKEOUTS - Svarta läder 7" (Förbjudna ljud) 45:-
What, is this recorded in 2013!? Punkrock that sounds like it's straight outta 1977. In A//A?'s opinion their best release to date.

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