söndag 1 januari 2012

Art or Arse? - distro update #12

A new year, a new update. Great stuff...

VICTIMS - Sleeping dogs lie lp (1977 Records) 165:- SOLD OUT! Working on a restock...
A must for anyone even remotely interested in Australian music - or in music in general! One of the best OZ bands ever. All their output - and more - nicely compiled by 1977 Records outta Japan (yes, that's why it's expensive!). You get all their 7"'s + the previously unreleased "Bad demo" from '77. All in all 17 tracks - everything remastered to sound loud as hell. Great!!!

MACHINES - True life 7"ep (1977 Records) 55:-
Finally a legitimate reissue of this UK 7" from 1978. Raw and nasty punkrock from the islands of bad teeth.

GRUDGE - When Christine comes around / I'm gonna smash your face in 7" (Mighty Mouth) 50:-
Ultraviolence disguised as glam rock in 1973. Best reissue of 2010? Art//Arse? loves it!

PSYCHOPATHS - Till the stroke of dawn 7" (Mighty Mouth) 50:-
Reissue of great 60's psych 7". Don't really know why but it makes Art//Arse? think of Lollipoppe Shoppe? Give it a listen!

THE INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND - (Watch out) Thief 7"(Last Laugh) 55:-
Haven't been too fond of the other reissues of their stuff, but this one is a killer. Great British early punk/pubrock which might sound a bit Childish/Medway...

SKUNKS - Can't get loose / Earthquake shake 7" (Last Laugh) 55:-
Reissue of this Texas KBD classic from the always reliable Last Laugh label. Nice stuff indeed.

And some nice restocks...

CRITICAL MASS - Silver screen / No one left to blame 7" (Last Laugh 2011) 55:-
Another 7", of which an original would cost you a fortune, reissued. Like if the Sex Pistols had relocated to sunny Florida in 1978. Full frontal Holidays in the sun attack! Read the full story here! No sleeve just as the originals...

REACTORS - It's not important / Cold eyes 7" (Rerun Records 2011) 50:-
This is Reactors from Austin, Texas and not to be confused with the Reactors from New York (see elsewhere in this list). This 7" was originally recorded and released in 1980 and delivers dark and melancholic punkrock!

SKINNIES - Kill the beat 7" -I'm a dullard / Out of control (Last Laugh 2011) 55:-
More greatness from the south of USA - New Orleans - the Skinnies deliever two tracks of nice poppy punkrock.

Most other stuff on this blog is in stock as well. CONSUME!

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